Bay & Marvel G:hOle Oral

Quite a difference between Bay and Marvel’s solos. Bay was definitely a true exhibitionist while Marvel was a nervous first-timer. I had set them both up to be here about the same time and wanted two new faces to meet in the glory hole. I didn’t count on Marvel struggling so hard to cum, but after being able to make him nut in a couple minutes I figured Bay would be able to take care of business.Marvel actually only started off thinking he would just get his dick sucked, but after struggling during his solo, he volunteered sucking back. Which of course made Bay very happy.And Bay sure looks happy sucking on Marvel’s hard cock. He even looks and sounds happier having Marvel suck his own cock.Marvel does a fine job his first time out sucking cock, but was pretty sure he was not going to be able to nut without a huge effort. So he opted for a facial, which I think always makes for a much hotter ending.Bay has an amazing orgasm that nearly knocks him off his feet!