Micah Martinez & Nathan Daniels in The Interview

Nathan Daniels knows that if he wants a job from business tycoon Micah Martinez, he’s going to have to pull down his pants and take a fist in the middle of his office. In need of a job himself, rival interviewee Johnny B. quickly joins in Micah’s efforts to fill up Nathan by shoving his long cock in his open mouth. Nathan swallows Johnny’s meat as his juicy ass jiggles from Micah servicing his hole with his wet tongue, bareback cock, and lubed-up hand. Johnny then shows that he’s adaptable to all types of situations in the workplace as he takes over fisting duties from Micah and stretches out the bottom even more. With a pulsing fist inside of him and executive Micah watching his performance along the way, Nathan ends the invasive interview by blasting his load all over his naked body.