Nathaniel & Tris G:hOle Oral

I gotta say these G:hOle videos are so much better when someone else is doing the sucking. Tris can suck a mean (and huge) dick!Nathaniel is back. His initial email to me stated he would do a solo if his face wasn’t showing…so even though he is just getting a blow job, he has come a long way. He seems more relaxed about the whole thing, and I think he might be willing to fuck a dude.He has leaned up a bit since he was last here. He also shaved his head for an opportunity he didn’t pursue, so it is bit like having a new model.We kept this on simple. Nathaniel got in a zone and is a bit quiet.What I love about this video is the end where Tris just sucks like crazy and you really get the sense that he made this hot dude nut!